Marbo coastline in Guam
- Guam

In the news: PI-CASC UOG lead talks sea-level rise on Guam radio talk show

PI-CASC UOG lead Romina King appeared on Newstalk K57 to talk about NOAA's recent report on sea-level rise.
Farron Taijeron gestures towards piece of scorched land
- Guam

PI-CASC scholar records wildfire damage across southern Guam lands

PI-CASC CARM fellow and UOG student Farron Taijeron was at the scene of a wildfire event in southern Guam, and he produced informational videos in an effort to raise awareness about the dangers of wildfire damage.
Wide view of Guam's western coast
- Guam, Hawaiian Islands, USAPI

NCA 5 public workshop draws insight on climate change concerns from Pacific Island communities

The Pacific islands Climate Adaptation Science Center is aiding the effort to compile data across the Pacific region that will form the Fifth National Climate Assessment.
Video project partners talking on Moku Ola
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International COP26 Recognition for MCC Coastal Erosion Partnership

A Hawaiʻi Island-based coastal setback project and its leaders were featured in a video during a panel of community adaptation and resilience leaders discussing adaptation projects from across the U.S. on November 8, 2021.