Video project partners talking on Moku Ola
- Hawaiian Islands, Virtual

International COP26 Recognition for MCC Coastal Erosion Partnership

A Hawaiʻi Island-based coastal setback project and its leaders were featured in a video during a panel of community adaptation and resilience leaders discussing adaptation projects from across the U.S. on November 8, 2021.
High water flood a rocky coastline
- Hawai’i Island, Hawaiian Islands

COP26 highlights Hawaiʻi Island project on community-based solutions to coastal erosion

An inspiring video of a PI-CASC-funded Hawai'i Island was highlighted for a global audience, sharing the effectiveness of knowledge co-production to tackling climate change adaptation challenges.
A wave crashed up and over a railed walkway in Waikiki
- Guam, Hawaiian Islands, USAPI

PI-CASC researcher’s flooding forecasts in the news

PI-CASC researcher Phil Thompson is in the news with a new study that suggests coastal flooding hazards may increase in the 2030's as sea-level rise combines with a wobble in the moon's orbit.
View from the top of a steep, green-sided, u-shaped valley opening onto a blue ocean
- Hawaiian Islands

Examining interwoven ecosystems, from mountains to oceans, in unique collaboration

PI-CASC Federal Director Mari-Vaughn Johnson joins with AK CASC Federal Director Stephen Gray to present a webinar in July about progress on the exciting new PI-AK Collaboration.