PI-CASC Graduate Scholars Program

A key role of PI-CASC is providing capacity building opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs, and early career professionals through direct work on PI-CASC co-produced research projects. The PI-CASC Graduate Scholars Program provides graduate students invaluable experience to prepare them for future careers in research, resource management, and policy.

PI-CASC Graduate Scholars participate in research and outreach that provide them with valuable opportunities to further their education and progress toward their degree. With the goal of helping to produce well-rounded scientists, PI-CASC also encourages its Graduate Scholars to participate in co-production trainings, workshops, and other activities to further their understanding and future capacity as climate scientists serving our nation’s resource managers, while developing a valuable network of PI-CASC colleagues.

Due to the unique character of the institutions, each of the University Consortium members has their own program, with its own slant, within the Graduate Scholars Program. UH Hilo graduate students work within the Manager Climate Corps co-production program, UOG students are managers recruited to participate in the CARM program, and UH Mānoa graduate students have special interactive opportunities within the broader Graduate Scholars program.

Expectations for Graduate Scholars

PI-CASC Graduate Scholars are expected to make good progress toward their degrees, remain in good academic standing, and participate in research and outreach activities that support progress toward the successful completion of their thesis and/or dissertation, as well as enhance their professional development, while addressing the mission and vision of PI-CASC. These additional activities include:

  • an orientation meeting
  • professional development in science communication
  • professional development to learn about climate adaptation careers
  • public outreach talks and research symposia presentations
  • a workshop on best practices in community science
  • producing an article or interactive story map to present their work to a general audience.

PI-CASC Graduate Scholars, to the best of their ability, are also expected to serve as ambassadors for PI-CASC throughout these activities.


For additional information, please contact Dr. Beth Lenz, Graduate Scholar Program Coordinator, at



Dr. Beth Lenz
Graduate Scholar Program Coordinator

Dr. Brad Romine
University Consortium Deputy Director