“Slice of PI-CASC”
Seminar Series

Climate Adaptation
Challenges and Solutions

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First Tuesday of the month, October 2021 to May 2022
12:00 – 1:00 pm Hawaiʻi time

The “Slice of PI-CASC” seminar series seeks to provide a platform for sharing ongoing and state-of-the-art climate adaptation science for a wide audience, including scientists and natural and cultural resource managers, to learn about climate adaptation research and science-to-management applications in Hawaiʻi, the US-Affiliated Pacific Islands, and beyond.


The series will feature a variety of speakers including: university and federal researchers funded by PI-CASC and our partners; leading climate scientists and experts from the Pacific Region and elsewhere; and resource managers and practitioners at the cutting edge of applying science and traditional ecological knowledge in tackling climate adaptation and sustainability challenges for ecosystems and communities. More details will be added for subsequent months.

Oct 5 An Introduction to PI-CASC Dr. Mari-Vaughn Johnson; PI-CASC Federal Director details and recording
Nov 2 Using fire and landscape ecology to understand social-ecological resilience on Pacific Islands Dr. Clay Trauernicht; NREM, UH Mānoa, and Pacific Fire Exchange Lead details
Dec 7 space From the moon’s ‘wobble’ to augmented reality: Understanding and communicating the impacts of sea-level rise in Hawaiʻi Dr. Phil Thompson; Dept. of Oceanography, UH Mānoa, and UH Sea Level Center Director details and recording
Jan 11 CARM and Go: Bridging the gaps between natural resource management and higher learning on Guam Dr. Romina King; Dept. of Geography, University of Guam; PI-CASC Lead UOG details and recording
Feb 1 Big Island, big coastline: Generating a shoreline inventory for Hawai‘i Island to increase resilience in the face of rising sea levels Dr. Ryan Perroy; Dept. of Geography and Environmental Science, UH Hilo details and recording
Mar 1 Life on the edge: Coastal plant resilience under sea-level rise in Hawaiʻi Dr. Kasey Barton; College of Life Sciences, UH Mānoa details and recording
Apr 5 The Pacific Drought Knowledge Exchange: A co-production approach to deliver climate resources to user groups Dr. Abby Frazier; Graduate School of Geography, Clark University details and recording
May 3 Using a novel spatial prioritization technique to support climate-resilient conservation planning for rare species in Maui Nui Dr. Lucas Fortini, PIERC, USGS; and Dr. Scott Fretz, Div. of Forestry & Wildlife, Hawaiʻi DLNR details and recording

Viewing details

Current conditions: Seminars will be presented in a hybrid format, online as well as for limited numbers in person (≤15; masked and vaccinated) at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, in the Hawaiʻi Institute of Geophysics (HIG) building, Room 210 (map). Register here for the zoom information, or email rlentz at to attend in person.


Presentation recordings will be made available on each seminar event page (see table above) and on our PI-CASC Youtube Channel.