Logo and title a slice of PI-CASC seminar

Backyard Buoys:
Community-led ocean observing across the Pacific

with Melissa Iwamoto, Director and PI, PacIOOS
Dr. Jordan Watson, Deputy Director, PacIOOS
Meagan Hattori, Engagement Coordinator, PacIOOS

Join us in person
on March 5, 2024, 12:00 pm
at the Hawaiʻi Institute of Geophysics (HIG) building, room 210, on the UH Mānoa campus.
A free lunch will be available for the first 25 participants

Waves splash high on sea walls, threatening trees and buildingsCoastal communities are subject to dynamic coastal processes resulting in erosion, flooding, melting sea ice, and extreme weather that make subsistence and commercial maritime activities hazardous. This is especially true for remote Indigenous villages along the Pacific Northwest, Pacific Islands, and the Alaskan coasts who rely on the sea for food security and cultural preservation. These speakers will provide an overview of the Backyard Buoys project, which aims to leverage low-cost and scalable marine technology to connect western science and Indigenous Knowledge to empower coastal communities to collect, steward, understand, and utilize real-time wave data from areas where it matters to them, under their direction, thus providing another tool to complement traditional knowledge and practices and increase safety.

Join us for this next seminar of the “Slice of PI-CASC” seminar series hosted by the Pacific Islands Climate Adaptation Science Center! The series is designed for a wide audience to learn about climate adaptation research and science-to-management applications for Hawaiʻi, the US-Affiliated Pacific Islands, and beyond.

Seminar recording: