In the news: PI-CASC UOG lead talks sea-level rise on Guam radio talk show

Romina King, University of Guam lead for the Pacific Islands Climate Adaptation Science Center, recently appeared on a Guam radio talk show to provide input on a recent report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that projects a 10- to 12-inch rise in sea level along United States coastlines by 2050.

The Newstalk K57 segment, held on March 2, 2022, focused on the indicators and potential impacts from this projection and what it means for Guam. King helped break down relative sea-level rise from a local perspective, and pointed to some adaptation efforts to build resilience to sea-level rise impacts.

King is the co-chairperson of Guam’s Climate Change Resiliency Commission. In the segment, she is joined by CCRC chairperson Evangeline Lujan. Bureau of Statistics and Plans Director Tyrone Taitano hosted the discussion.

A recording of this segment can be viewed on Newstalk K57’s Facebook page.