Underwater view of spreading and branching corals

Coral adaptation and acclimatization to global change

PI: Robert Toonen, Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology, UH Mānoa
Co-PI: Chris Jury, Department of Oceanography & HIMB, UH Mānoa
Funded: FY2015
A glowing sun sinks behind a cloudbank with mountains peeking out of the cloud layer in the midground.

Measurement of ENSO-related climate conditions and ecosystem responses in Hawaiʻi

PI: Thomas Giambelluca, Professor of Geography, UH Mānoa
Co-I: Shelley Crausbay, Lead Scientist, Conservation Science Partners
Funded: FY2014
A measuring tape runs off through trees.

Archipelago-wide demography of Hawaiʻi’s most abundant, but declining, native tree

PI: Kasey Barton, Associate Professor of Botany, UH Mānoa
Co-I: Tiffany Knight, iDiv German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research
Funded: FY2013
A student poses against a steeply sloping landscape with blowing mist.

Predicting the effects of climate change: ecosystem drivers in the tropical subalpine shrubland

PI: Don Drake, Professor of Botany, UH Mānoa
Co-PI: Alison Ainsworth, Department of Botany, UH Mānoa
Funded: FY2013
An ʻōhiʻa lehua tree

Establishing climate change vulnerability rankings for Hawaiian native plants

PI: Lucas Fortini, Research Ecologist, USGS Pacific Islands Ecosystem Research Center
Funded: FY2013
A cluster of three barrel-shaped, silvery-green plants

Assessing viability of the Haleakalā silversword

PI: Paul Krushelnycky, Asst. Researcher, UH Mānoa
Co-PI: Lloyd Loope , Botanist, USGS Pacific Island Ecosystems Research Center
Funded: FY2012
Overview of a large Hawaiian valley, looking out to the sea beyond

Modeling climate-driven changes to dominant vegetation in the Hawaiian Islands

PI: Jonathan Price, Assoc. Professor of Geography, UH Hilo
Co-PI: James Jacobi , Biologist, USGS Pacific Island Ecosystems Research Center
Funded: FY2012
A bright red bird with a long, curved beak sits on a yellow flower

Vulnerability of Hawaiian forest birds to climate change

PI: Michael Samuel, Wildlife Ecologist, USGS Wisconsin Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit
Funded: FY2012