Two men stand amidst elevated root systems of mangrove trees, watching another installing an instrument.

The future resiliency of mangrove forests to sea-level rise in the Western Pacific

PI: Karen Thorne, Research Ecologist, USGS Western Ecological Research Center
Co-PI: Richard MacKenzie, Research Ecologist, US Forest Service
Funded: FY2019
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Man lays a small fish along a ruler, with more fish in a tray nearby.

E Hui Pū: a collaborative approach to understand climate change impacts on traditional Hawaiian ‘ōpelu…

PI: John Burns, Assistant Professor of Marine Science, UH Hilo
Co-Is: Tim Grabowski, Research Fish Biologist, Hawai‘i Cooperative Fishery Research Unit, USGS/Adjunct Professor of Marine Science, UH Hilo; Courtney Hurt, Consultant, Conservation International
Funded: FY2018
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Green bushes dot a brown, scrubby landscape looking toward distant coastal clouds.

Effectiveness of high-elevation habitat restoration for increasing resiliency of the palila honeycreeper

PI: Pat Hart, Professor of Biology, UH Hilo
Co-I: Kahua Julian, Department of Agriculture, UH Hilo & Technician, Mauna Kea Forest Restoration Project
Funded: FY2018
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Large horned mammals run across the field of view, backed by Hawaiian forest plants.

Managing non-native game mammals to reduce future conflicts with native plant conservation in Hawaiʻi

PI: Steve Hess, Research Wildlife Biologist, USGS Pacific Islands Ecosystem Research Center
Funded: FY2018
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Close-up of many fresh green sprouts against dark soil

Impacts of climate changes on a native and an invasive Hawaiian plant using a newly developed Intelligent Plant growing System (IPS)

PI: Camilo Mora, Assoc. Professor of Geography, UH Mānoa
Co-PI: Devon DeBevoise, Department of Botany, UH Mānoa
Funded: FY2018
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Underwater picture of a large rice coral outcrop

Mitigating climate change impacts: What drives thermal resiliency in Hawai‘i’s coral reefs

PI: Ruth Gates, Director of Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology
Co-PI: Shayle Matsuda, Department of Marine Biology
Funded: FY2016
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A underwater landscape of multicolored corals

Coral resilience indicator summaries and resilience scores for CNMI

Reef resilience to environmental disturbances and changes vary considerably. These maps record reef resilience and vulnerability at sites across the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands to aid local coastal management and preparation.
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Underwater view of spreading and branching corals

Coral adaptation and acclimatization to global change

PI: Robert Toonen, Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology, UH Mānoa
Co-PI: Chris Jury, Department of Oceanography & HIMB, UH Mānoa
Funded: FY2015
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A glowing sun sinks behind a cloudbank with mountains peeking out of the cloud layer in the midground.

Measurement of ENSO-related climate conditions and ecosystem responses in Hawaiʻi

PI: Thomas Giambelluca, Professor of Geography, UH Mānoa
Co-I: Shelley Crausbay, Lead Scientist, Conservation Science Partners
Funded: FY2014
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