MCC's Scott Laursen opening panel in front of students.

MCC at the 2018 Pacific Youth Empowerment for Success Conference

On November 3rd, MCC hosted an early career professional panel for Pacific Islander students at the 2018 PacYES! conference. Panelists discussed practical, place-based context for careers involved in climate change adaptation and necessary tools and skills developed through research experiences.
Group of partners talking around a table at conference.

2017 MCC Forum at HCC

On July 19th, the MCC hosted an interactive forum at the 2017 Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference. The session offered valuable presentations and small group discussions about collaborative knowledge coproduction. Check out the full forum report here.
National Adaptation Forum logo

MCC presents at 9th Annual National Adaptation Forum

On May 9-11, MCC presented at the 2017 Annual National Adaptation Forum within a climate adaptation education session.
MCC Graduate Students Present at 2017 UoG CIS

MCC Graduate Students Present at 2017 UoG CIS

On April 18-21, MCC participated in the 2017 University of Guam Island Sustainability Conference where graduate students presented their manager-driven research and MCC held a climate breakout session where the immersion camp film screened.
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