Houses cluster along a narrow strip of land by the ocean, backed by steep hills with palm trees in the foreground.

American Samoa Sea Level Rise Viewer

This interactive web tool provides access to sea-level rise information for decisionmakers and community members to plan for the impacts of rising sea levels in American Samoa.
Underwater image of hundreds of pale yellow jellyfish with clear bells and short bundles of stingers floating in green-tinged water

Predicting and managing the future of Ongeim’l Tketau (Jellyfish Lake), Palau in a changing climate

PI: Romina King, Associate Professor of Geography, University of Guam
Co-PI: Sharon Patris, Research Biologist, Coral Reef research Foundation
Funded: FY2023
Waves crash over a stone wall and flow across a cemented parking lot, beneath a blue sky

Pacific Islands Sea Level Rise Project Explorer

Sea-level rise impacts are prevalent throughout the Pacific, as is the research to adapt to those impacts. This new interactive tool compiles information about SLR projects in one place to help avoid duplication of efforts and encourage collaborations for future work.
Close up of two delicate 6-petalled white flowers against dark green leaves; a black round seedpod is visible to the left.

Assessing the success and vulnerability of Hawaiian rare plant introductions to inform future stabilization efforts

PI: Tamara Ticktin, Professor of Botany, UH Mānoa
Co-Is: Clay Trauernicht, Associate Specialist, UH Mānoa; Tim Chambers, Center for Plant Conservation Officer, ANRPO; Lucas Fortini, Research Ecologist, PIERC, USGS; Julia Douglas, School of Life Sciences, UH Mānoa
Funded: FY2023
A sun-dappled, dense understory of ferns mixes with mature ʻōhiʻa trees

Developing a climate-resilient restoration approach combining functional, climate, and geographic data

PI: Rebecca Ostertag, Professor of Biology, UH Hilo
Co-PIs: Konapiliahi Dancil, TCBES, UH Hilo; Jonathan Price Professor of Geography, UH Hilo
Funded: FY2022
A small historical hut backed by palms sits on a rocky headland with waves in the foreground.

Sea Level Rise AR Visualizer for Puʻuhonua o Honaunau Park

This augmented reality app lets you visualize the future of sea-level rise at Pu’uohonua o Honauanua National Historical Park as if you were cruising over the peninsula in a helicopter!
A wide, chaotic streambed is flanked by green trees and underlain by irregular pahoehoe lava rocks.

Shifts in carbon exports from a Hawaiian watershed under a changing climate

PI: Tracy Wiegner, Associate Professor of Marine Science, UH Hilo
Co-PIs: Walter Boger, TCBES, UH Hilo; Steven Colbert, Assistant Professor of Marine Science, UH Hilo
Funded: FY2022
Two students stand recording data at the water’s edge near a black rocky outcropping, while another student walks up the sand.

Predicting sea level rise impacts to coastal wastewater infrastructure and water quality

PI: Tracy Wiegner, Professor of Marine Sciences, UH Hilo
Co-PI: Ihilani Kamau, TCBES, UH Hilo
Co-Is: Steven Colbert, Associate Professor of Marine Sciences, UH Hilo; Ryan Perroy, Professor of Geography, UH Hilo
Funded: FY2022
Coral resilience mapping in Guam and American Samoa

Coral resilience mapping in Guam and American Samoa

This tool provides GIS map layers to illustrate the growth and survivability of corals under several future climate scenarios for reefs in Guam and American Samoa.
Map of the Hawaiian Island chain is colored in bands, illustrating the strong variability of temperatures around and across the islands

Making regional climate model outputs more accessible to diverse user community

PI: Tom Giambelluca, Professor of Geography, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Co-PI: Oliver Elison Timm, Research Assoc. Professor of Atmospheric and Environmental Science, University of Albany
Funded: FY2021