Staphylococcus in Hilo Bay Big Island Video News Video

Researchers Louise Economy and Tracy Wiegner presented their research on rainfall driven shifts in Staphylococcus in Hilo Bay to the Hawaiʻi County Council Environmental Management committee.

Big Island Video News reported the presentation and subsequent discussion between MCC scientists and committee members. Watch the presentation below. A related story on this research project was posted by UH Hilo Stories.

Staphylococcus infections in Hilo Bay seem to be on the rise. Through this project, they have found the bacteria in soil, sand, wastewater, and urban runoff near the Wailuku and Wailoa River mouths. Their findings indicate that beachgoers are four times more likely to develop Staphylococcus aureus skin infections than someone who does not go to the beach. More on this project here.

MCC student Louise Economy presenting in conference room in front of panel of participants.
MCC graduate student Louise Economy presents her data to the Hawaiʻi County Council Environmental Management committee. Photo Credit: Big Island Video News




Louise Economy
Tracy Wiegner