2016 Climate Change Immersion Camp Documentary Film

Two videographers, Ryan McClymont (USGS Communications Specialist) and Jamie Kawai, documented the 2016 Climate Change Boot Camp and performed in-depth interviews with attendees and planners during the experience. Ryan and Scott Laursen (MCC Technical Project Specialist) have produced a short film to share the foundations of the experience with a diverse audience. The 10-minute documentary film is titled Resilient Voices: Adaptation Across Worldviews. Watch the film below.

The film was screened in 2017 at five local, regional, and national annual meetings involving different organizations to share the networking experience, including the Rising Voices symposium in Boulder, CO (April 13–15, 2017) and the National Adaptation Forum (May 9-11, 2017).

Resource manager discussing oli in front of participants gathered on tables at the campsite.
Lahela Camara from Three Mountain Alliance discussing protocol with MCC immersion camp participants at Kiolakaʻa Ranger Station. Photo Credit: Ryan McClymont




Scott Laursen
Ryan McClymont