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Life on the edge:
Coastal plant resilience under sea-level rise in Hawaiʻi

with Dr. Kasey Barton, College of Life Sciences
March 1, 2022, 12:00-1:00 pm (Hawaiʻi time)

Note: This will be a hybrid event with both zoom availability and a limited numbers of guests (≤15) attending in person (masked and vaccinated) at the Hawaiʻi Institute of Geophysics (HIG) building, room 210, on the UH Mānoa campus. If you are interested in attending in person, please email rlentz at hawaii.edu.

Foreground of a mix of low plants bordering white sandy beach and blue ocean waters in the backgroundCoastal dunes support diverse native plant communities that provide critical habitat for animals and foster human well-being. Sea-level rise and increasing storm frequencies are elevating salinity of coastal dunes beyond historical conditions, which threatens plant survival and function. Dr. Barton will discuss her research group’s work using an experimental approach to investigate salinity tolerance across a diverse pool of native dune plants to enhance management and restoration of these critical ecosystems.

Join us for the next seminar of the “Slice of PI-CASC” seminar series hosted by the Pacific Islands Climate Adaptation Science Center! The series is designed for a wide audience to learn about climate adaptation research and science-to-management applications for Hawai’i, the US-Affiliated Pacific Islands, and beyond.

Seminar recording: