PI-CASC research integral to island water conference

Stream water pours down a small fall between fern-covered banks
Preserving local water resources is a critical aspect of living on an island. The International Tropical Islands Conference will address many important themes around water science and management. (Photo: Sarah Nash)

Next week, tropical scientists, managers, and community members from around the world will be tuning in to the virtual International Tropical Islands Water Conference, organized by the Water Resources Research Center and Hawaiʻi EPSCoR/ʻIke Wai at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and other water partners. PI-CASC researchers will be integral to many of the sessions and discussions.

The conference plans to cover a variety of water themes, from watershed, urban water, and wastewater management, to indigenous and local knowledge perspectives and leading-edge technological advances. Within those themes, four PI-CASC-funded projects will be presented. Abby Frazier will discuss the Pacific Drought Knowledge Exchange; Lucas Fortini will present recently published work on the effects of invasive plants and animals on water infiltration in tropical forests; Oliver Elison Timm will share progress on developing reliable downscaled climate change scenarios for Hawaiʻi; and Han Tseng will report on her work on cloud water interception in Hawaiʻi.

Registration is still open for this virtual event that will take place April 12 -15th. Details can be found at the conference website.