PI-CASC UOG plays important role on international climate scene

Romina King speakingClimate Week 2019 was held in New York City at the end of September, marking an opportunity for many international climate-related gatherings. One event, as part of the Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Change program, was devoted to island concerns: the Climate Strong Islands Dialogue, sponsored by the New York Community Trust. Romina King, lead for the PI-CASC at the University of Guam, served on the planning committee for this all-day conversation that included government, academic, and nonprofit representatives from more than 75 U.S. and international islands coming together to share ideas and find opportunities for collaboration. Discussions covered common island challenges, such as finding solutions for sustainable development and natural resource management, circular economy models, and promoting resilience to natural disasters. Surrounded by the numerous happenings of Climate Week, the meeting was productive and uplifting.

King reported that “Climate Week was an intense and amazing opportunity for PI-CASC UOG. The energy of the youth movement and the practical ways forward by the financial sector and the nonprofits, which were multi-disciplinary and data-driven, were very inspiring. Collaborating and learning from fellow scientists, natural resource managers, and small-island state representatives gave me hope in humanity’s ability to successfully adapt to a changing climate.”

King was also recently named as vice-chair of the Guam Climate Change Resiliency Commission whose primary objective is to develop a scientifically-based strategic plan for improving Guam’s resiliency in the face of climate change impacts.