Hal’s notes

Modifications to the website

The Gem removed the “excerpt” from the pages back end.  The following code reinserts the “excerpt” into the back end.  Simply place in TheGem functions.php file.  Bingo, it is back!!!!

// Adding excerpt for page
add_post_type_support( 'page', 'excerpt' );

Removing gray tinge from main content background color.

This color came from the following style in thegem-widgets.css style sheet, line 2923.  As you can see I hide #page from the style which permitted the body  background color of white to be the default.
/* #page, */
.widget_submenu ul ul ul,
.widget_nav_menu ul ul ul,
.widget_pages ul ul ul,
.widget_categories ul ul ul,
.widget_product_categories ul ul ul {
background-color: #e8ecef;