National Synthesis Post-Doctoral Fellowship

As part of a CASC network effort to produce a national synthesis of science, information, and tools to inform adaptation strategies to changing climatic conditions, PI-CASC is offering a postdoctoral fellowship on the Future of Aquatic Flows in the Pacific Islands. We seek applicants with a background in hydrology, stream ecology, drought, or related fields to conduct a synthetic research assessment of changing aquatic flow dynamics in Hawaiʻi and/or specific U.S.-Affiliated Pacific Islands (or both) and to relate these changes to natural and/or cultural resource management.

This is a dual competition seeking individual applications from postdocs and mentors (research principle investigators).  Applications do not have to be coordinated, but postdocs who wish to indicate a specific mentor and vice versa may do so. All potential mentors must submit a separate application due 5:00 pm HST on Friday May 28, 2021. Post doctoral applicants will be sought in spring 2022.

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

The SURF program is designed to provide promising undergraduates the opportunity to gain valuable research experience, improve their skills in climate science, and expand their knowledge of environmental issues in Hawaiʻi and Guam, working with a faculty mentor on a climate science or adaptation research project.

Applications for this summer have already been solicited, but check back next January for another chance.

PI-CASC Graduate Scholars Program

PI-CASC offers full-time funding for graduate students at UH Mānoa, UH Hilo, and UOG who are working toward advanced degrees in climate related topics. Graduate Scholars are also expected to participate in professional development and outreach projects that support their progress toward succesful completion of their thesis and/or dissertation and valuable opportunities to further their education, while addressing the mission and vision of PI-CASC.

Details will be provided when the next opportunity is available.

Other Opportunities

Check back monthly for new opportunities that will be added.