PI-CASC strives to turn research results into usable products, providing resource managers the tools to address climate impacts.

A patch of fire amidst dry grasses

Weed Fire Risk Assessment Database

With the increase in wildfire prevalence and risk across Hawaiʻi, information in this database on the relative risk posed by non-native plants will be invaluable to land managers in prioritizing their weed control efforts.
A underwater landscape of multicolored corals

Coral resilience mapping in Guam and American Samoa

This tool provides GIS map layers to illustrate the growth and survivability of corals under several future climate scenarios for reefs in Guam and American Samoa.
A tangled forest with extensive root networks shows a narrow water channel running back out of sight.

Mangrove vulnerability to sea-level rise factsheet

Mangrove forests and the benefits they provide to Micronesian ecosystems and communities are threatened by accelerating sea-level rise and human activities. Read this factsheet to learn more.
A hand measuring the size of 'opihi on the rocks.

US Fish & Wildlife Service ‘opihi project podcast

A fifteen minute podcast hosted by the US Fish & Wildlife Service highlighting MCC graduate student Lauren Kapono and her work monitoring 'opihi (Cellana spp.) along the Kalaemanō shoreline of Hawaiʻi Island.
A native shrub overhangs a rocky stream

Projected species range maps over the next century

These maps address how climate change may shift plant distributions, particularly native endangered plants, within the Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park to help inform management of Special Ecological Areas.
Overview of a large Hawaiian valley, looking out to the sea beyond

Climate Change Atlas: Dominant vegetation in the Hawaiian Islands

With changing climate possibly shifting the location and scale of suitable habitat for native Hawaiian plants, managers need concrete information, like these maps, on where likely best future habitats will exist to inform conservation decision making.
A underwater landscape of multicolored corals

Coral resilience indicator summaries and resilience scores for CNMI

Reef resilience to environmental disturbances and changes vary considerably. These maps record reef resilience and vulnerability at sites across the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands to aid local coastal management and preparation.