Submit an abstract for a session at National AFS Meeting

Consider submitting an abstract for the session “Understanding the Adaptive Capacity of Fish: Resiliency in a Changing Climate” at the National AFS Meeting on September 15-19, 2024

Climate change represents a significant challenge to aquatic ecosystems. Understanding how species may be affected will help determine feasible adaptation solutions. Adaptive capacity (AC – the ability of a species, ecosystem, or human system to cope with or adjust to climate change) has been applied through climate change vulnerability assessments, with select examples existing as wildlife applications. Despite potential benefits, there seems to be limited adoption of AC by aquatic researchers. Consideration of species’ inherent attributes and external constraints can inform management of potential AC and response (e.g., “shift-in-space” vs. “persist-in-place”; Thurman et al. 2020). Synthesis of fish vulnerabilities can aid climate adaptation planning and lead to preemptive management intervention strategies to enhance AC. This session explores the application of AC to assess fish resilience to climate change. We invite presentations that explore a) species attributes vulnerable to climate change and b) implementation of management strategies designed to enhance fish AC.

Given the importance of understanding and forecasting fish responses to climate change, we think this will be a worthwhile session to bring together researchers and managers who are exploring features of fish AC and/or developing strategies to enhance fish AC. We hope that you will consider submitting an abstract. The deadline for abstract submission is April 26th. Please feel free to share this with students, collaborators, and colleagues who you think may be interested in participating.

Please reach out if you have any questions: gardn125@purdue.edu or hembke@usgs.gov