This is a photograph of a high-elevation ecosystem in Hawaiʻi with cloud cover in the middle-ground.

Pacific RISCC March Webinar – High Elevation Hawaiian Plant Communities: Implications for Conservation Under Climate Change

In this talk, Dr. Alison Ainsworth will discuss the implications for conservation of Hawaiian high-elevation ecosystems in the face of both climate change and invasive species.
In this picture, Dr. Aaron Shiels stands in the ocean near the beach holding an orange bucket and wearing a bright yellow field jacket with buildings in the background.

Pacific RISCC February Webinar – Invasive Rodent Response on Islands to Increased Hurricane Frequency

In this talk, Dr. Aaron Shiels will present the results of a study on the impacts of hurricanes on invasive rodents in the Caribbean Islands, and he will discuss invasive rodent impacts and control methods in both the Caribbean and Pacific Islands.
Waves splash high on sea walls, threatening trees and buildings

Slice of PI-CASC March 2024 Seminar

Our March "Slice of PI-CASC" seminar will be presented by a team from the Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS), led by Director Melissa Iwamoto, giving an overview of their Backyard Buoy program to empower Pacific coastal communities to conduct their own ocean observations.
This is a picture of Dr. Richard MacKenzie in the forest in Palau looking through a device at the trees

Pacific RISCC January Webinar – Resilient mangroves, resilient coastlines, resilient people

In this talk, Dr. Richard MacKenzie will present his research on the vulnerability of Pacific Island nations to climate change and how appropriate adaptation actions can increase the resilience of mangroves and thus the resilience of Pacific Islanders.
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