December, 2018

Aloha, Hafa adai, Yokwe, Talofa, Alii, Mogethin, Ran allim, Kaselehlia, Hello!
    Welcome to a new Pacific Pandanus, the monthly newsletter from the Pacific Islands Climate Adaptation Science Center! Since our last issue, our center has undergone many changes (new name, new logo, new acting federal director) and has added two new positions: a university consortium deputy director and a federal science coordinator. So too has the Pandanus changed, reflecting the advantages of more frequent communication and the convenience of a digital format. But our goal has not changed, to develop the best possible science and other knowledge products to support policy and management decision-making that enables human and ecological climate adaptation.
    Our new plan is to bring you monthly updates on the center and our partners and to provide information on new publications, useful tools and products, and other opportunities that arise. We hope you will enjoy our new Pacific Pandanus!

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Low island margin being covered by high surf

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